Relieve us all & tax the super-rich

1000€ winter money and tax those that have too much!

We have been suffering from rising prices for months now. So far, we have shouldered the majority of the additional costs ourselves and have either had to use up savings or directly cut our quality of life. The fact that the current federal government is waiting so long to provide sufficient relief is a political decision against the majority of the population. And all this while the super rich are thinking about which hot tub to buy next or which tropical country is worth going to for winter vacation. We now need 1000€ winter money for everyone to alleviate the acute hardship, financed by those who have too much.

Secure energy supply in our hands

Build a sustainable and low-price energy system

We need an energy system in which no large corporation enriches itself at the expense of society as a whole and private monopolies can no longer undermine democracy. We want to secure an affordable energy supply that is independent of corporations. To achieve this, energy supply must be controlled by society. It is urgent to get rid of fossil expensive and dirty energy sources and to produce renewable energy locally.

We deserve more – raise the wages!

Decently increase low and middle incomes

Wages have barely risen for decades. At the same time, prices for housing, food, etc. are skyrocketing. Despite this, corporate bosses and economic liberals do not want to raise wages and social benefits appropriately, making us poorer and poorer. We finally need higher wages in the middle and low-wage sector, because only higher wages help against permanently high prices.

Lower energy prices

Secure basic needs – we don’t freeze for their profits!

More and more people are dreading the next energy bill. It often turns out to be several hundred euros more expensive than before. This brings people to the edge of their existence, while the super-rich stuff their pockets with our money. But we will not freeze in winter for the profits of the corporations! Therefore we demand a limitation for electricity and gas bills. And we want it now, not next spring! Basic needs must not exceed a certain affordable price. For overconsumption, the expensive market price applies. This saves on the wasteful luxury consumption of the super-rich – and not on the necessary basic needs of the vast majority!

Basic right to mobility

Re-introduce 9€-ticket and enable sustainable mobility

Public transport must be affordable and mobility must be accessible to all. In addition, affordable public transport is a key to the much-needed transport turnaround. The €9 ticket has proven to be a brake on inflation and has relieved the burden on millions of people in their everyday lives and made mobility possible for them. And now it is to be replaced by a 49€ ticket that is no longer affordable for many. We need a 9€ ticket for a quick traffic turnaround and mobility for all!

Secure affordable housing

Establish a rent cap

Housing is and remains a human right! The prices for rent and ancillary costs are skyrocketing. We can no longer pay that. Large real estate companies are enriching themselves from our basic right. Things cannot go on like this! To stop this, housing must be in our hands. Electricity, water, gas and a roof over everyone’s head must be guaranteed.

Nobody should enrich themselves from crises

Tax the profiteers of this crisis

The high energy prices for citizens and the economy are only one side of the coin. On the other side are the crisis profits of the energy companies, which are enriching themselves from the hardship. And this without having done anything more in return. We freeze while corporations pocket billions at our expense. We need a real excess profits tax to get our money back – it cannot be that a few super-rich people and corporations enrich themselves from crises.