Most of us have to cut directly into our quality of life due to drastically rising prices.

Nevertheless, the government does not side with us, but gives money to corporations and the rich instead of giving enough to us – the many who desperately need it.
It needs to be the other way around: Those who have the most should be asked to pay more in this crisis, and the basic needs of those who have the least must be secured at all costs. The government, however, has allowed social inequality to grow more and more for a long time.

We aren’t going to put up with this anymore!

The government must prevent livelihoods from being threatened while others live in wasteful excess. At the same time, it must avert the next crises and create long-term stability and security for all.

You too feel frustrated by rising prices and increasing social injustice?
Join us in the streets and show the politicians that we are many!


Our demands are summed up by the motto “Basic right to basic needs and no profits from crises”.
You can find more detailed explanations here.

Safe energy supply in our hands

Build a sustainable and low-priced energy system

We deserve more – raise the wages!

Decently increase low and middle incomes

Reduce energy prices

Secure our basic needs – we won’t freeze for their profits!

Relieve us all & tax the rich!

1000€ winter allowance for all and tax those that have too much!

Noone should profit from the misery

Tax the profiteers of the crises

Secure affordable housing

Introduce a rent cap

Basic right to mobility

Re-introduce 9€ ticket & enable sustainable mobility

That’s why we take to the streets on December 10th in order to show that our government needs to take our side – the side of the many!


We meet every Sunday at 7:30 p.m. in the AStA-building , Belfortstr. 24.

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